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The 18th Annual General Meeting in retrospect

This year’s annual meeting of W.E.B shareholders in Horn focused on the intense expansion and weak wind year of 2016 as well as its consequences and the prospects of the literally “ground-breaking year” ahead.     

Different place, same consensus: numerous shareholders of W.E.B attended the 18th Annual General Meeting at the club house of Horn, which was opened by Chairman of the Supervisory Board Josef Schweighofer just after 3 pm.

The report of Frank Dumeier and Michael Trcka took a look back on a year of extremes: while it was the strongest expansion year in corporate history, 2016 was also characterized by extremely weak wind conditions. Nevertheless, W.E.B still achieved solid results and made it possible to propose a dividend of EUR 15. Needless to say, they also offered a glimpse into the future and presented a series of promising projects in the planning and construction phase to ensure the continued success of W.E.B. Once again the subsequent round of questions attracted great interest: both the W.E.B Supervisory Board and Board of Directors were available to answer the questions of the audience. 

Then the time had come for the shareholders to cast their vote. Amongst other decisions, they agreed to the proposed dividend of EUR 15 as well as to the amended articles of incorporation. 

Find out more about the voting results here.

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