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Czech W.E.B anniversary

WEB Vetrná Energie was founded 15 years ago

W.E.B decided to enter into a new foreign market just after the turn of the millennium. As the Czech border was rather close to W.E.B headquarters, to company selected the Czech Republic as its new market. This decision led to the foundation of WEB Vetrná Energie in the year 2002, and Michaela Luzova has been managing the Czech W.E.B subsidiary ever since.

The first step right after the new company’s establishment was the planning and development of the first Czech wind farm. The time had finally come in 2005, and the W.E.B farm Brezany was connected to the grid with five turbines and a total capacity of 4.25 MW. Today W.E.B operates three wind farms with seven turbines as well as a photovoltaic power plant in the Czech Republic. The Czech plants boast a total capacity of 9.08 MW and supply 4,300 people with clean energy every year. At the same time, they save more than 10,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Taking a closer look at the development of WEB Windenergie AG in the last 15 years is highly impressive in this context: in late 2002, the company operated plants with a total capacity of 32.66 MW, producing 44,562 MWh of electricity. In 2017, the installed plant capacity amounts to 414 MW, generating 1,006,085 MWh of clean energy.

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