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Completion of the Laa/Thaya Expansion

Almost the entire roof of the company Brandtner is used for the production of electricity

In cooperation with the company Brandtner, W.E.B installed a photovoltaic system with a capacity of 498 kWp on the company’s roof last May. As there was still more space left on the roof of the manufacturer for agricultural and municipal tippers, another photovoltaic project was developed on the same site in Laa an der Thaya for this year.

It took all summer to realize the planned expansion by 869 kWp. On Wednesday, 13 September 2017, the last photovoltaic modules were put into operation and now boast a total capacity of 1,367 kWp on the premises of the Hans Brantner & Sohn Fahrzeugbauges. mbH. 

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Photovoltaic systems connected to the grid in Laa an der Thaya

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