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Member of the Austrian Parliament Nikolaus Scherak at W.E.B

Lower Austria’s frontrunner of NEOS in conversation with the W.E.B Board of Directors

In the course of the election campaign, Nikolaus Scherak is touring all across Lower Austria to visit local companies. On Wednesday, 27 September 2017, his schedule included the Waldviertel region and a stop at the headquarters of W.E.B. Niki Scherak sat together with our two-man Board of Directors, Frank Dumeier and Michael Trcka, to discuss the challenges of regional enterprises that are also growing internationally. The visit ended with a tour of our corporate headquarters, where Frank Dumeier and Michael Trcka showed the member of the political party NEOS the many different areas and departments of the company. 

“We need clear parameters for Austria’s enterprises,” emphasized Niki Scherak. “This is what politics need to do to strengthen companies just like W.E.B, companies that have developed from pioneering enterprises to global players.”

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