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Industry manager Brigitte Ederer visits W.E.B

On 14 September, Brigitte Ederer, member of numerous supervisory boards of renowned Austrian companies and long-time Siemens manager, visited the company headquarters of W.E.B in Pfaffenschlag.

The Board of Directors, Frank Dumeier and Michael Trcka, gave her a tour of the site and presented all its highlights, such as the Control Center, where the operations of all W.E.B power plants in the world run together, or the company’s Prosumer Network of photovoltaic systems, batteries, and charging stations for electric vehicles. 

“W.E.B has accomplished an impressive international development. Companies of such character are key drivers of innovation, such as renewable energies in the case of W.E.B. As I am from the Waldviertel region as well, I am especially happy about the successful establishment of such a model enterprise in the upper Waldviertel region,” as Ederer commented her impressions.  

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