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W.E.B receives Best Business Award 2017

Cross-border jury convinced by the sustainable management of W.E.B

Established in 1999, the Best Business Award honors companies that are able to stand out because of their modern and sustainable corporate management in the European region Danube-Moldova. W.E.B participated in this contest for the very first time and immediately reached second place in the category “business with more than 100 employees”. 

On the path to this great success, W.E.B had to undergo an extensive assessment that focused on such criteria as economic success, uniqueness, value of employees, innovative force, communication, future viability, sustainability, and social responsibility. Aside from the comprehensive questionnaire, three members of the jury conducted an audit of several hours at the W.E.B corporate headquarters.

As W.E.B was ultimately able to convince the jury, CEO Frank Dumeier proudly accepted the award at the ceremony in Bavaria on Wednesday, 11 October 2017. 

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