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W.E.B celebrates its 1,000th customer of W.E.B Green Energy

Long-time shareholder Franz Pfaunz thrilled about this special honor

It has been more than 30 years that Franz Pfaunz and a plumber built a solar system and installed it on his house in Brunn an der Wild. By this time, it was already clear to him that the future of our energy supply could only be renewable. It was also this belief that led him to W.E.B. When the company’s first wind power plant was built in Michelbach, Franz Pfaunz insisted on visiting it right away. The year 1999 marked the birth of WEB Windenergie AG, and Franz Pfaunz immediately acquired W.E.B shares. In summer 2017, the W.E.B shareholder also became a customer of W.E.B Green Energy, thus cracking the company’s historic mark of 1,000 energy customers. For this reason, CEO Frank Dumeier visited Franz Pfaunz to present him with a special certificate on 31 October 2017. What followed was an interesting conversation on many different subjects including W.E.B and the sustainable energy future. 

W.E.B has been selling electricity from its Austrian power plants since 2013. In the last few years, this sustainable concept convinced an increasing number of energy customers. W.E.B Green Energy was flying particularly high in 2016. The number of energy customers grew by 10 percent, and Global 2000 only recommended three out of the 117 Austrian energy providers as “real” green power suppliers – W.E.B was one of them.       

W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier emphasized the importance of the energy transition combined with innovative ideas, “W.E.B Green Energy plays a vital role in the decentralized energy transition. Mr. Pfaunz is representative of many people who have already joined us on the path towards a future with clean energy. Many examples like the recently initiated SME Energy Transition Partnership prove that there is no end in sight to our innovative strength.” 

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