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W.E.B Leading the Austrian Green Energy Ranking

WWF and GLOBAL 2000 see W.E.B as a “driver of the electricity future”

Have you ever tried counting all of Austria’s green power suppliers? You would come up with the number 125. And precisely these 125 electricity providers were analyzed on their actual sustainability by WWF and GLOBAL 2000. The result: W.E.B was able to convince them as one of only two suppliers in Austria.   

Clean energy plays a fundamental role in stopping the ongoing climate change. The assessment of the Power Supplier Check 2017 focused on such criteria as the supplier’s share of green energy, the share of verified electricity produced in Austria, ownership structure, expansion of renewable energies, and a roadmap for withdrawing from fossil fuels. 

The Power Supplier Check came up with five groups of providers. WEB Windenergie AG ranked in the highest category, making it a “driver of the electricity future” in the eyes of WWF and GLOBAL 2000. Once again W.E.B was able to stand out and present W.E.B Green Energy as a true eco-friendly alternative for electricity customers.

“When two renowned environmental organizations, such as WWF and GLOBAL 2000, describe us as a ‘driver of the electricity future’ as one of only two power suppliers in Austria, it confirms the path we have chosen for ourselves. We will stay true to our vision of assuming a leading role in the energy transition,” as W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier proudly expressed his satisfaction with the result of the Power Supplier Check 2017.

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