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French ambassador visits W.E.B

François Saint-Paul wanted to know more about future projects

It has almost been a year that W.E.B opened a historic wind farm: it was the largest wind farm in W.E.B history that was connected to the grid in the French Champagne in early 2017. For this and many other reasons, France has become an important host country to W.E.B. On 9 January 2018, the French ambassador to Austria, François Saint-Paul, visited the corporate headquarters of W.E.B in Pfaffenschlag.   

Not only Frank Dumeier and Michael Trcka but also the managing directors and project managers of the French W.E.B subsidiary came to see François Saint-Paul and discuss new developments in the field of renewable energy as well as promising W.E.B projects on French soil. They were then treated to a grand tour of the company’s headquarters, including a presentation of the Control Center that keeps an eye on the French W.E.B plants. 

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