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Two energy transition pioneers keep working together

W.E.B and ENERTRAG agree on three more years of cooperation

WEB Windenergie AG has been using the ENERTRAG software PowerSystem for its operational management and the results from its wind power plants since 2011. This successful cooperation was now extended for another three years.  

“About seven years ago we were looking for a replacement of our old operational management database. We immediately liked the ENERTRAG PowerSystem – it was obviously designed by people with practical experience instead of ivory tower developers,” states Martin Jahn, Head of the W.E.B Monitoring Center. “As pioneers of the decentralized energy transition in Austria, we always need to keep pace with the times and stay on top of technology and software. Our business is constantly changing – be it in terms of technology, legal regulations, or accounting standards. The customer service of PowerSystem is always ready to meet our new requirements and provides monthly improvements to the software. Our know-how and experiences are integrated into the continuous development process – which is beneficial to both sides.”     

“Our companies have become close friends over the years,” says Felix Bübl, Head of IT at ENERTRAG AG. “The precise requirements of W.E.B are of great value because they help us to improve the software for our other customers as well. As our software is always the state of the art, our cooperation is a win-win situation for all sides.”   
ENERTRAG PowerSystem is the professional hardware and software solution for renewable energy. In application since 1999, today a staff of 25 works around the clock to monitor and optimize the system. Renewable power plants with a total capacity of more than 5 GW are currently integrated into the system.   
WEB Windenergie AG plans and operates power plants on the basis of renewable energies. For more than 20 years, W.E.B has been using the power of wind, water, and sun to produce valuable green electricity. Its 250 power plants boast a total capacity of about 415 MW. In addition to Austria, the company is also active in Germany, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Canada, and the United States of America.

As a subsidiary of ENERTRAG and the WindStrom group of companies, ENERTRAG WindStrom GmbH supervises 1,500 wind power plants all across Europe. Its range of services includes technical operation management, remote monitoring, an accredited inspection body, and IT solutions for renewable energy plants. The four sites and about 100 employees of ENERTRAG WindStrom GmbH ensure safe and profitable plant operations.

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