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New addition to W.E.B Italy

W.E.B acquires the ”Conza” photovoltaic park

Once again the Italian W.E.B team proved its will to score and took over an established photovoltaic park in mid-February. Boasting a capacity of 3.35 MWp , the free-field solar power plant in Sant’ Andrea di Conza (region of Campania) has been in operation since 2011.  

“This plant was offered to our team due to our excellent network in the Italian industry,” explains Andrea Tisot, one of two managing directors of W.E.B in Italy. “Its location is close to our two parks in Montenero di Bissaccia, which allows us to make use of our established structures and achieve sustained cost optimization.” As his co-managing director Reinhard Kainz adds, “Not only will this step increase our revenue in Italy rather soon but also our profitability.” 

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