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Groundbreaking ceremony at Dürnkrut Wind Farm

W.E.B and Windkraft Simonsfeld build eight new wind turbines

WEB Windenergie AG and Windkraft Simonsfeld AG have been operating a wind farm of ten wind power plants in the communities of Dürnkrut and Velm-Götzendorf for six years. Today the wind farm celebrated the next groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion and addition of eight new wind turbines. As with the existing wind farm, each of the two companies will build and operate half of the new plants.    

The Dürnkrut plant site is located in one of the best and most profitable wind regions of Austria. W.E.B and Windkraft Simonsfeld will set up eight new wind turbines – four Vestas V126 with a rated power of 3.45 MW each and four Senvion 3.2M122 NES with a rated power of 3.2 MW each. Considering an annual production target of 71.5 million kWh, the wind farm will provide about 17,900 households with green energy.         

The groundbreaking was attended by the management of both partners – the Board of Directors Frank Dumeier and Michael Trcka of WEB Windenergie AG as well as CEO Martin Steininger and CTO Markus Winter of Windkraft Simonsfeld – and the mayors of the two communities, Gerald Haasmüller (Velm-Götzendorf) and Herbert Bauch (Dürnkrut). 

“W.E.B will deploy the next generation of turbines at this wind farm. Once again we point the way towards a future with clean and regional yet competitive energy. We are very happy to have Windkraft Simonsfeld as a partner company that comes from the same place of citizen participation as W.E.B,” comments W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier.    

CEO Martin Steininger of Windkraft Simonsfeld adds, “Getting involved in the fight against climate change has never been more important, and there is nothing I would rather do. It feels good that our newly built wind farm will play a part in all this.”

After the groundbreaking comes the excavation work and setting up of roads and footprint areas for the cranes. The towers and infrastructure are scheduled to be ready by summer. In autumn the new turbines will be installed and put into operation. By the end of the year, the new wind turbines will already be connected to the grid and generate electricity for some 17,900 households.     

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