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First W.E.B wind farm in the Canadian province of New Brunswick

The project Wisokolamson/Albert is jointly developed with the Woodstock First Nation

W.E.B is expanding its list of plant sites to include another Canadian province: the company is building a wind farm with five wind turbines and a total capacity of 18 MW in Riverside-Albert. The plant site Riverside-Albert is located in New Brunswick – a neighboring province of the other established W.E.B sites in Nova Scotia.  

The project partners are not the usual ones either: both project development and operation will be a joint project with the Woodstock First Nation. The members of the Woodstock First Nation are descendants of the Wulustukwiak, the indigenous people who traditionally inhabited southwestern New Brunswick. The project name is derived from the traditional language of the Woodstock, as “Wisokolamson” can be loosely translated as “the wind is blowing strongly”.

The new project is not only dedicated to the production of clean energy but also to brilliant minds: W.E.B and the Woodstock First Nation will award two scholarships per year to students enrolled in such study areas as renewable energy or similar fields for the entire operational life of the wind farm.

“This Canadian project is yet another step on our path towards international growth. I am especially delighted to work with the region’s indigenous population and to demonstrate that the energy transition can only be successfully accomplished by, first of all, decentralizing it and, second of all, working together,” as W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier expresses his great joy in the project scheduled to be completed by November 2019.

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