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Flesquières wind farm officially opened

All six power plants were successfully put into operation

Global Wind Day on June 15, 2018 marked the opening of the French Flesquières wind farm in the presence of high-ranking regional politicians.

The excavators had arrived in the northern region of Hauts-de-France in March 2017 to realize the W.E.B project in the community of Flesquières. Now all six power plants with a total capacity of 21.6 MW are successfully connected to the grid.  

In his ceremonial address, Prefect Thierry Hégay emphasized the importance of renewable energies in his prefecture. W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier took the same line when he said, “The clean and regional production of energy is the future of our power supply. In close coordination with the local population and thanks to their broad approval, the excellent wind site of Flesquières once again confirms our path towards a decentralized energy transition.”

The local support for the wind farm was also demonstrated by the school children of Flesquières. In preparation of the official opening event, they created all kinds of colorful wind power plants that were later displayed at the celebration. As W.E.B received congratulations on the commissioning of the wind farm from the entire region, the company also intends to continue realizing projects in the region in the medium run.

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