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W.E.B-Company Value 2013

Grafik Unternehmenswert WEB Windenergie AG laut BDO AustriaThe company value of W.E.B for the past fiscal year was again determined by the financial auditor and tax consultant office BDO Austria GmbH.

In comparison to the previous year’s company value as on 31 December 2012 (EUR 135.5m), the calculated company value on 31 December 2013 of EUR 124.4m dropped by 6.0%. The company value per share is reduced by EUR 28.- from the previous year’s value of EUR 470.- to this year’s EUR 442.-    

This negative performance is based on two main reasons: on the one hand, electricity prices were considerably low all over Europe in 2013 while on the other hand, the general business environment (project changes due to political decisions – key word Predigtstuhl) of W.E.B’s industry changed for the worse.

Despite this hardly positive snapshot, W.E.B continues to produce positive results and pay out a stable dividend every year. In the period under consideration, W.E.B has been very successful compared to other energy providers and is all set for the future with a full project pipeline. 

W.E.B-Windenergie AG - Executive Summary Bewertung 2013     



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