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W.E.B Increases Sales despite weak Wind Year

W.E.B Business Report and Corporate Group Financial Statement

Although the weather conditions of the past business year 2013 have not been by far as ideal as in the year before, WEB Windenergie AG was able to increase sales from EUR 47.2m to EUR 48.1m.  

The Group earnings after taxes of EUR 6.1m could almost be kept at previous year’s levels, just as the result per share of almost EUR 22.- 

All details of the Corporate Group Financial Statement are found in the brand-new W.E.B Business Report 2013 which is available for download a lot earlier than usual. The printed version will be available by mid-May. 

The motto of this year’s W.E.B Business Report is "Energy from us – for us", indicating W.E.B’s continued serious commitment to the energy transition and this year’s focus on decentralized energy supply. 

Aside from an earlier publication date, there have also been a lot of other changes for the new business report. It is the first time that we have integrated a Sustainability Report into our Business Report. What would have been more obvious for a company with a mission entirely devoted to sustainability? We are very excited what you think about the new look of our Business Report: we have tried to give the corporate part a little “journalistic” facelift and hope that you will like our photos and stories. Of course the second part is entirely dedicated to numbers, facts, data and key figures of the Group.       
Once again the Business Report 2013 turned out to be quite comprehensive. Although it will not be automatically sent to all shareholders, it may be requested as a print version. You may order the Business Report 2013 by sending an email to or call 02848/6336.

Aside from the Corporate Group Financial Statement, the Consolidated Annual Financial Statement for WEB Windenergie AG – in accordance with our financial calendar - is also available as pdf download.

Zur online Blätterversion des W.E.B-Geschäftsbericht 2013

W.E.B-Geschäftsbericht 2013 im PDF Format 

Jahresabschluss WEB Windenergie AG 2013 


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