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Construction Site Day with 300 visitors at the wind farm Dürnkrut-Götzendorf II

W.E.B and Windkraft Simonsfeld build eight new wind power plants

On Saturday around 300 wind power enthusiasts braved the cold and rainy weather to attend the Construction Site Day of W.E.B and Windkraft Simonsfeld at the wind farm Dürnkrut-Götzendorf II. The guided construction site tour of the wind farm not only included two already completed wind power plants but also the concrete and steel towers as well as large components (rotor, hub, nacelle) of those still under construction. Moreover, the competent employees of both operating companies provided the visitors with information on everything going on at the construction site. 

The Construction Site Day also featured an extensive accompanying program: while the ardent friends of wind power could perpetuate their names on the nacelle of a wind power plant, the children enjoyed the fun and games offered by “Wilder Wind”. The visitor tent made sure everybody was well taken care of in terms of food and beverages.             
WEB Windenergie AG and Windkraft Simonsfeld are building a total of eight wind power plants at Dürnkrut-Götzendorf II – four Vestas V126 with a rated power of 3.45 MW each and four Senvion 3.2M122 NES with a rated power of 3.2 MW each. One of each type is already completed. Located in one of Austria’s best and most profitable wind regions, the new turbines will generate an annual 71.5 million kWh of clean and regionally produced green energy – providing about 17,900 households with electricity.      

“Our future with clean, regional energy is a great joint project. For this reason, we want the local population to better understand how wind power works. It is essential for us to raise awareness for where our electricity comes from. Today clearly shows that the people are very much interested – an important statement for climate protection,” W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier explained and was obviously happy with how the Construction Site Day turned out.       
CEO Martin Steininger of Windkraft Simonsfeld added, “Getting involved in the fight against climate change has never been more important, and there is nothing I would rather do. It feels good to have our newly built wind farm playing a part in all this.”

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