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W.E.B celebrates groundbreaking ceremony at Wörbzig Wind Farm 

Start of construction for the repowering project

The groundbreaking ceremony of September 28, 2018 officially sounded the bell of the start of construction at the Wörbzig Wind Farm in Saxony-Anhalt. Last year W.E.B had come out on top with the winning bid in a public tender for land-based wind power plants. The repowering project will replace twelve Vestas V66 by six Vestas V136, generating three times more energy with just half as many turbines at the same location. It is the largest repowering project in W.E.B history and another milestone in Germany.   
The official start of construction was celebrated in the presence of the borough mayors, involved construction companies, wind energy plant manufacturer Vestas, the Duke of Ratibor as property owner, and several representatives of W.E.B. “Wörbzig clearly proves that the electricity generation costs of wind energy are more than just competitive compared to conventional energy sources,” explains CEO Frank Dumeier of WEB Windenergie AG, “Wind energy projects are a success, if they are able to locally contribute to the energy transition and are also involved in terms of finances and non-material aspects, such as supporting local clubs and associations in the surrounding communities. Moreover, W.E.B is a true citizen participation company with more than 3,800 shareholders.”    

After from Dürnkrut and Höflein in Austria, Flesquières in France, and Piombino in Italy, Wörbzig is the fifth project with construction works this year. The next groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for Albert, Canada.     

Caption: Joint celebration of the groundbreaking ceremony for the repowering project in Wörbzig (f.l.t.r.): Hubert Schüppel, Mayor of Wörbzig; Kerstin Rinke, President of the Town Council Südliches Anhalt; Dirk Honsa, Mayor of Gröbzig; property owner Duke Viktor of Ratibor; of W.E.B: CEO Frank Dumeier, Sissi Grossmann, the two managing directors for Germany Mathias Dangl and Stephan Jeznita, and Gisbert Tüchler; Alex Robertson, Vice President Sales Germany at Vestas; Michael Leifheit, Section Head at Jaeger Bernburg
Image: W.E.B/Thomas Victor 

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