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New Construction Works in Canada

The credit agreement for the next Canadian projects was signed on 14 May 2014. Afterwards, construction immediately began on 11 further wind power plants in No-va Scotia.  

After financing for the next Canadian projects was secured in difficult negotiations, no time was lost to start on the needed wood clearings and access roads. All of the planned facilities are 2 MW Vestas V100 turbines.

All 11 plants are realized as part of the so-called COMFIT Program, a special promo-tion initiative of the Canadian province Nova Scotia (see our latest W.E.B Business Report for detailed information on COMFIT).

The plants will boast a total capacity of 22 MW. While W.E.B holds 55%, our Canadi-an partners own the rest. Depending on weather conditions, the projects should be completed in the first quarter of 2015. Anyhow, the turbines have already been or-dered. 


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