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 The 15th Annual General Meeting in Retrospect

15. ordentliche Hauptversammlung der WEB WIndenergie AG, Trcka, Dangl, DumeierBetter production results despite weak wind year 2013! This was one of the headlines at the 15th W.E.B Annual General Meeting. Still, it certainly was not the only thing worth mentioning that day. 

The supporting program already began in front of Stadtsaal Waidhofen an der Thaya as early as 12:30. Interested shareholders and prospective shareholders had the opportunity to take a closer look at 7 electric cars – including the Tesla S Model - of various manufacturers. Experienced W.E.B employees offered information and even invited visitors to join them and take the cars for a spin. Of course the cars were also one of the prominent topics addressed by CEO Andreas Dangl at the Annual General Meeting. 

While the key results of the latest shareholder survey were presented in the lobby, the Green Energy information desk explained everything there is to know about the new W.E.B campaign “Customers Recruit Customers”.  

The 15th Annual General Meeting started at 3 pm. After the usual organizational and legal hustle and bustle, the three members of the Board of Directors presented their individual reports as eloquently as always. Nevertheless, they did not only talk about past events and results but also offered an exciting look into the future. 

CTO Dr. Frank Dumeier, for example, presented the prospect of 78 projects of over 500 MW in the next for years. “We won’t be able to realize all the projects were are currently working on but our project pipeline is full and our course for growth secured. In the years to come, we will see lots of progress particularly in Canada and France”, Dumeier explains.   
CFO Dr. Michael Trcka announced a new financial measure still for 2014 to finance these projects, “We are currently looking into the possibility of a hybrid bond - in accordance with the regulations of the Financial Market Authority – which would mean more risk but also higher interests for investors. W.E.B would benefit from such a form of bond due to their positive impact on the equity ratio.” In addition, this measure would secure the company’s growth and, therefore, would prove beneficial for the share as well.  

Of course aside from the latest shareholder survey and the Green Energy campaign mentioned above, CEO Andreas Dangl focused on electromobility and this new business area of W.E.B, “We are standing at the crossroads in terms of our mobility behavior. When we buy a new car, we should already consider whether we will even be able to resell a normal car with a combustion engine at a reasonable price in a few years. The only thing we still need to accelerate this unstoppable development is a proper charging infrastructure. And this is exactly what we will focus on in a new company. Now is the right time!”    

The agenda item “Questions to the Board” was followed by various resolutions: the shareholders accepted all the proposals of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board; Dr. Reinhard Schanda was appointed to the Supervisory Board for another five years; and the dividend was fixed at EUR 12.- just like in the year before (see download for details). The voting capital was always around EUR 10m. At 7:30 pm, Chair of the Supervisory Board Mag. Josef Schweighofer was able to conclude the 15th Annual General Meeting half an hour earlier than last year.

The great figures and the stable growth of W.E.B ensured a positive prevailing mood during the entire event. In fact, the annual general meetings of W.E.B are more and more turning into a personal event where like-minded people and board members meet to exchange ideas in relaxed atmosphere. It was also the second time that shareholders could follow the meeting from home via live streaming – although they unfortunately had to pass on the sumptuous buffet.     





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