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W.E.B-Quarterly Results

Despite bad wind conditions in the first quarter of 2014 – at least for the wind power industry - the total revenue was significantly higher than in the previous year.

Sailors would not have been amused about the lack of wind from January to March 2014. Although the quarterly results of W.E.B are falling short in terms of target production levels, the company was able to raise its sales to EUR 15.5m compared to the previous year (reference period 2013: EUR 13.8m). The results are even slightly higher than in the first quarter of almost-legendary wind year 2012 (EUR 15.4m). In comparison to 2013, the quarterly earnings per share also increased from EUR 10.9 to EUR 11.6. You will find a detailed summary for download at the end of the article.


The reason for such a positive result despite difficult weather conditions is found in the new power plants that were put into operation early this year. After strong winds in May, we cannot wait to see how the new turbines at Matzen/Klein-Harras, Neuhof and in Canada affect our half-year results.

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