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Opening of the Matzen/Klein-Harras wind farm (Austria)

W.E.B officially opened the wind farm Matzen/Klein Harras on May 31st. The Opening was a public festival for the region which was visited by 350 people. Visitors had the possibility to view the wind power plants and were informed comprehensively about the wind farm. Furthermore the electric cars of W.E.B were presented and there were special activities for children.

Planning activities for the wind farm started in 2008. In May 2013 the construction works began and the wind power plants were put into operation in December 2013. In Matzen / Klein-Harras seven Vestas V90 power plants with a capacity of 2 MW each were erected.

The wind farm has a total capacity of 14 MW and will produce 41,000 kWh of clean electricity a year. 13,666 households will be supplied with electricity from these wind power plants.

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