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W.E.B production results May 2019

Very good wind conditions – a cool month of May generated a significant plus in production

The overall monthly production of 97,342 MWh remained clearly above target.

The cool weather in May was dominated by low-pressure systems and, especially in the first half of the month, brought brisk air masses to Central Europe. Aside from widespread night frost, snow and icing were recorded at higher altitudes. Nevertheless, this extraordinary weather conditions generated excellent production results in Austria. Germany and the Czech Republic also performed better than projected. France, Canada and the United States remained below target, though.

As the month of May was characterized by lots of rain and heavy cloud cover, Austria’s hours of sunlight were about one third below average.

The photovoltaic power segment concluded the month with a negative production deviation in Austria, the Czech Republic and Italy. Germany still delivered positive results.

The hydroelectric power segment remained below target in Austria and Germany.

Overview based on technology:

Wind power:

  • Total production: +9.1%
  • Wind power plant with best relative results: Auersthal II +43.4%
  • Wind power plant with the strongest total production: Höflein West 1,323 MWh

Solar power:

  • Total production: -22.6%
  • Best relative plant results: Pöttsching II +2.9%

Hydroelectric power:

  • Total production: -2.2%

Production to date:

  • W.E.B production results in April: 97,342 MWh
  • Percentage of annual projections: 48.68%

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