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Premiere in Italy

First Italian W.E.B wind farm in operation

Italy is certainly not unknown territory to W.E.B – the company has been benefitting from the country’s ample sunlight for a long time. Now the time has come for W.E.B to finally generate green energy from Italian wind power. On Wednesday, June 12, W.E.B produced its first kilowatt hour of electricity at the Tuscan wind farm “Foce del Cornia” at the beach of Piombino. The farm’s six Vestas V136 turbines boast a total capacity of 19.8 MW.

W.E.B was awarded the project in the course of a tendering procedure in December 2016; construction work on the first Italian wind energy project commenced in summer 2018. The new site is located in an old industrial area close to the sea and the city of Piombino with its 30,000 inhabitants. “Foce del Cornia” will generate sustainable and regional energy for decades to come.

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