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350 visitors at the grand opening of the wind farm Dürnkrut-Götzendorf II

The eight wind power plants of W.E.B and WKS generate electricity for 18,000 households

Some 350 wind power enthusiasts braved the hot and humid weather to attend the grand opening of the wind farm Dürnkrut-Götzendorf II. WEB Windenergie AG and Windkraft Simonsfeld AG built a total of eight wind power plants at Dürnkrut-Götzendorf II. Located in one of Austria’s best and most profitable wind regions, the new turbines will generate an annual 71.5 million kWh of clean and regionally produced green energy – providing about 18,000 households with electricity.

Mayor Gerald Haasmüller of Velm-Götzendorf was more than happy about all the visitors, the positive feedback from his own town, and that “the new wind power plants will generate even more eco-friendly energy at this excellent wind site!”
Mayor Herbert Bauch of Dürnkrut pointed out that “there is not a lot except for wind between Dürnkrut and Zistersdorf!” This wind needs to be utilized for the benefit of the people in the region. On his municipal territory, he regretted, “there is only one power plant this time. But I am positive that we have not seen the last wind farm opening here.”

CEO Frank Dumeier of WEB Windenergie AG emphasized that both the active participation of the residents and the excellent support of the mayor and the town’s municipal councilors played a vital role in the success of this joint project. “The wind farm will enable us to save 50,000 tons of CO2 emissions every single year. This is not only an important contribution to climate protection but also an excellent opportunity for local residents to benefit from the reduced tariffs for green energy. The successful cooperation between W.E.B and Windkraft Simonsfeld will certainly lead to further projects in the region. If we really want to realize Austria’s goals for 2030, there is still a lot of work to be done.”

CEO Martin Steininger of Windkraft Simonsfeld AG underlined that Windkraft Simonsfeld operates a total of 83 wind power plants in the Weinviertel region, thereby generating more eco-friendly electricity than all of Weinviertel’s private households need in a year. “The construction of this wind farm as well as the expansion of clean, regional energy in the Weinviertel region are our way of combatting the impending climate catastrophe!” Today’s opening demonstrates that “people support the expansion of wind energy! We will hopefully see you at the many wind farm openings to come!”

Mayor René Lobner of Gänserndorf and Member of the Lower Austrian State Parliament was delighted to point out that “when it comes to wind energy, the district of Gänserndorf is No 1 among all districts in Lower Austria, resulting in lots of new green jobs and other employment opportunities in the region!” 

The many visitors were also treated to an extensive accompanying program: aside from a tasting of the specially brewed “WindCraftBeer”, the Windrad-Plattler from Upper Austria delivered an ecstatic and demanding performance, and an acrobat of the “Aerial Silk Show” presented her breathtaking skills at dizzying heights – what a thrill! Needless to say, the visitors were able to find out more about the wind farm and even take a tour of the plants. The children enjoyed the fun and games offered by “Wilder Wind”, while the visitor tent made sure everybody was well taken care of in terms of food and beverages.

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