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Once again subscription success in W.E.B bonds  

Bonds generate approx. EUR 15 million | New wind farm project in Italy connected to the grid

Just as in past years, the latest issue of corporate bonds by WEB Windenergie AG was highly successful once again.

In the subscription period between May 7 and June 17, the company was able to generate a total of EUR 14.648 million. While a conventional bond with annual partial repayment and a maturity period of ten years accounted for EUR 4.989 million, the hybrid bond without maturity date generated EUR 9.659 million.

As CFO Michael Trcka explained, “We are very happy with the results. The mere fact that the opportunity we offer of getting financially involved in the energy transition is embraced by an increasingly growing investor base confirms that wind and solar power are easily able to compete and keep up with the conventional forms of production.”

Ready for further growth

WEB Windenergie AG will invest the proceeds from the two bonds in new power plant projects. Therefore, the company continues on its path of continuous growth, in which corporate bonds are fundamental in terms of financing: W.E.B already issued Austria’s very first wind power bond in 2010. After further successful bond issues in 2011 and 2013, the company established Austria’s first hybrid wind power bond in 2014, followed by three more corporate bonds in 2016 and two more in 2018.

New wind farms opened

W.E.B invested the proceeds of these bond issues in new power plants and the expansion of existing plants and wind farms. The most recent wind farm was connected to the grid in Piombino, Italy – W.E.B’s first Italian wind farm – with a capacity of 19.8 MW. Further wind farms with a total output of 40 MW are currently under construction in Germany and Canada.

“Our bonds enable us to keep steadily expanding our production capacities. Our power plants are already generating eco-friendly electricity at a total capacity of 481 MW. We will continue our expansion based on the worldwide energy transition trend with more and more countries falling in line,” so Trcka. “Investments in W.E.B wind power bonds play a valuable and tangible role in this strategy.”     

Overview of subscription volume  

2.25% bond, ten-year maturity, annual partial repayment

4.5% hybrid bond

EUR 4.989.000,00

EUR 9.659.000,00


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