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Fewer turbines, higher electricity production: Wörbzig on the grid

The repowering project in Saxony-Anhalt in Germany was completed

The construction manager gave his go-ahead on July 5, 2019 for the coming on stream of six new turbines in the Wörbzig Wind Farm. On balance, twelve turbines were decommissioned in the second repowering project of W.E.B in Germany and replaced by six new ones. The entire power plant features a total output of 21.6 W. Now the turbines covering the same area supply three times as much electricity as the old ones, and also ensure a more constant energy production. In this way, it exemplifies the enhanced efficiency of wind power plants in recent years.

The wind farm constitutes a novelty for W.E.B, because it was the very first project W.E.B won within the context of the tender process carried out in Germany at the beginning of 2017. The second bidding round had 281 projects which were offered and was thus oversubscribed three times. 67 offers with a total volume of 1,013 MW were accepted.

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