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Official reopening at Wörbzig

More than 300 visitors wanted to see the new plants for themselves

About a month after its commissioning, the wind farm Wörbzig was officially opened on Saturday, August 10, 2019. More than 300 visitors came to see the hardly recognizable wind farm for themselves. In the course of the repowering project, twelve plants were dismantled and replaced by six new and more powerful wind power models. Even the weather played along and helped to shape an exciting day for visitors of all ages. Particularly their great interest in the new power plants reflected the excellent collaboration between W.E.B and the residents in the region. 

The recently opened wind farm boasts a total capacity of 21.6 MW. The new plants do not take up more space and yet generate three times more energy than the old turbines. In addition, they ensure a much more consistent production of energy and thus exemplify the increase in wind power plant efficiency of recent years.

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