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17.1.2020 00:00

Start into the New Year with investors and interested parties

Full house at the New Year’s reception of W.E.B

The New Year’s reception of WEB Windenergie AG attracted more than 80 shareholders, bondholders but also interested parties to the company’s headquarters in Pfaffenschlag. The W.E.B Board of Directors, Frank Dumeier and Michael Trcka, had good news to report. Amongst other accomplishments, they presented a new record in annual production, which makes for excellent annual results to be expected.

A central factor in this development was attributed to the growth strategy of W.E.B. “Climate protection has finally reached mainstream society. We are part of the solution towards a sustainable future and, of course, want to continue on this path. For this reason, we have intensified our moderate growth course and prepared an impressive project pipeline,” as Frank Dumeier faces the future with great confidence.

“If we wish to grow, we also need the funds to do so,” CFO Michael Trcka adds. “We want to continue on the path towards a sustainable future with as many citizens aboard as possible. In the next few weeks, we will use the fireside chats to ask our shareholders for their opinions and comments on an increase in capital. Ten years of continuous growth have passed since the last issue of shares. If we wish to grow faster, the time has come to discuss this option once again.”

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