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9.4.2020 00:00

Postponement of the Annual General Meeting to Fall 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear shareholders, bondholders, customers and friends of W.E.B!

In last Monday’s press conference, the Austrian Federal Government presented a preliminary roadmap for the next few weeks with regard to measures aimed at containing the spread of Covid 19. These measures include a ban of all public events until the end of June 2020. An extension of this ban for the summer months is still a possibility – the Austrian Federal Government will present a decision in this regard by the end of April.
For this reason, the 21st Annual General Meeting of W.E.B will not take place on May 29, 2020. W.E.B is thus also forced to postpone the resolution on the appropriation of profits and distribution of dividends. Together with the W.E.B Supervisory Board, we will set a new date for the Annual General Meeting in fall 2020. As soon as we are able to gain a clearer picture of what is going to happen in the next few months, we will provide you with comprehensive information and a list of all new dates and appointments.

A lot has changed since our first information on Covid-19 (The W.E.B Board of Directors on the current situation). One thing has not changed, though: we are still able to report good production results for March 2020 (W.E.B production results March 2020). Our employees are committed to keeping up their good work and motivation even though, by now, they had to change from our W.E.B offices to their homes in all countries of operation of W.E.B.

We will continue to be at your service by phone and email during normal business hours (Mon – Thu, 8 am to 4 pm, Fri 8 am to noon): Shareholders and bondholders: 02848/6336-20; Green Power customers: 02848/6336-56; General inquiries: 02848/6336-0;

We wish you all the best and good health!
Frank Dumeier und Michael Trcka

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