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30.4.2020 00:00

Video Conference with the W.E.B Board of Directors

Investors with great interest and lots of questions

The Covid-19 period has been a time of innovation at W.E.B – also in terms of investor communication. On April 30 and for the first time in corporate history, the W.E.B Board of Directors, Frank Dumeier and Michael Trcka, hosted a video conference with more than 260 investors and informed them on the current situation of W.E.B as well as the company’s roadmap into a sustainable future. While the participants had the opportunity of sending their questions to W.E.B beforehand, there was also enough time for Q&A at the video conference. 

Frank Dumeier on the frequently asked question concerning the status quo of current projects at W.E.B: “The good news is that our construction sites are back on track, even though we are still confronted with lots of new challenges. From today’s point of view, we will be able to put our French Tortefontaine wind farm into operation next fall. In the United States, we started construction work on the Brookfield PV park. Although we will have to postpone the start of construction for our project Ariano in Italy, we are still positive to launch operations in late 2022.”
As several investors asked about the dividend proposal, Michael Trcka explained their decision-making process: “We worked in close cooperation with the W.E.B Supervisory Board and decided to propose a dividend of EUR 10 per share for the fiscal year 2019. In times of uncertainty, we want to build up reserves within the sense of forward-looking management. For this reason, our dividend proposal is a little more cautious than in previous years.”    

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