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Power Purchase Agreements - PPA   

More and more companies are considering renewable energy contracts to reduce the impact on climate change from company operations and to include them as a cost competitive option in their energy sourcing strategies. WEB Group supports small- and large-scale corporations in their initiatives to transition their energy supply from traditional energy sources to wind and PV projects.  

W.E.B develops, constructs, and operates renewable assets and offers PPAs with variable tenors and conditions.      


  • Long-term lock in of electricity prices
  • Reduction of CO2 footprint
  • Marketing value of renewable energy  

Detailed information can be found in our white paper:  PPA White Paper  

Do you have any further questions on PPAs at W.E.B? Please feel free to contact us. 


Mag. Markus Amatschek, MBA, MSc  
Head of Sales “Energiewendepartner”
Mobile: +43 664 257 44 27

WEB Windenergie AG
Davidstraße 1, 3834 Pfaffenschlag | Austria


mgr Florian Müller, MA
Chief Financial Officer SWEB Development Inc.
Phone: +49 173 297 8727

SWEB Development LP
6080 Young St, Suite 106, Halifax, NS | B3K 5L2 Canada

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