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18.6.2020 00:00

Tortefontaine Wind Farm Connected to the Grid

Punctual coming on stream despite challenges

There is gratifying news from France. All the five turbines at the Tortefontaine Wind Farm successfully began operating this week. Not even one year has passed since the beginning of construction work, and this took place during the COVID-19 crisis, with all the related challenges and difficulties. This represented a strong performance of everyone involved, as underlined by W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier. “The way in which the W.E.B team and all the contracted companies accepted this challenge and were able to make up for lost time related to the interim stop to construction at a near-recording breaking speed shows what is possible when we all work together for a sustainable future with clear goals in mind. Under normal circumstances, construction time of less than one year would have been worth seeing.”  

The wind farm in the north of France is home to five wind turbines with a total output of 18 MW. The COVID-19 pandemic was the dominant topic in the final phase of construction, so that construction was stopped. However, official approval was granted at the end of April for the components of the turbines to be delivered. Of course, the completion of the wind farm was accompanied by stringent safety measures imposed for the benefit of all employees. 

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