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1.10.2020 00:00

Full solar power in Pfaffenschlag

Photovoltaic power project in operation at HQ

As there is more than enough space at the W.E.B site in Pfaffenschlag, why not use it to generate electricity? In mid-September 2020, the PV project Pfaffenschlag IV was put into operation. The photovoltaic system of 486 kWp will generate about 444 MWh of clean electricity per year. In just three days, the PV modules were installed and now cover an area of 4,436 square meters. 

The new PV power plant is just another of many facets W.E.B has to offer on its path towards a sustainable future. After all, the project boasts several firsts all at once. It is based on the idea of mounting the rather new “east-west system” on a training site and to independently market the generated electricity. The system also serves as a test project for future power purchase agreements. Finally, it is part of the project “Lighthouse 2040”, in which W.E.B uses its site in Pfaffenschlag to demonstrate today’s already wide range of sustainable alternatives with regard to sector coupling in order to increase our planet’s climate fitness.  

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