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19.11.2020 00:00

Forest of the Future is growing

Planting continued in October

W.E.B initiated the project “Forest of the Future” under the professional guidance of the Austrian Federal Forests in 2019. After last year’s first round of young trees, additional trees were planted this October. A new zone of the forest was planted with fir, sycamore and beech trees to grow a healthy mixed deciduous forest that is able to better withstand the challenges of climate change than the old spruce trees. W.E.B is already thinking of the day after tomorrow, as the first planted trees will only be ready for logging in about 100 to 120 years. 

On a piece of land close to the Pfaffenschlag headquarters, W.E.B is creating a model forest to demonstrate different types of climate-adjusted forests and their meaning for the future of humankind and nature alike.  

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