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29.3.2021 00:00

Expansion of electric vehicle fleet

Four VW ID.4 arrived in Pfaffenschlag

The electric vehicle fleet of W.E.B already counts more than 50 cars. The four latest models arrived at our corporate headquarters in mid-March. Bernhard Scheer from the Autohaus Waldviertel car dealership presented four happy W.E.B employees, including CEO Frank Dumeier, with their brand-new VW ID.4. W.E.B is once again setting an example for clean road traffic, while also strengthening its partnership with Autohaus Waldviertel. After all, the W.E.B vehicle fleet already had five VW ID.3, and W.E.B is about to add another two VW ID.3 and four VW ID.4 to the fleet, which will be more than 60 electric vehicles strong before summer.  

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