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17.4.2021 00:00

Focus on projects by W.E.B

Online talk offered participants insight into the world of projects

The W.E.B talk series “Fresh Energy” is still in great demand. On April 14, W.E.B CEO Frank Dumeier introduced 160 participants to the world of W.E.B projects. He explained how all W.E.B markets are currently about to define new framework conditions for a sustainable future and how W.E.B is part of the solution to the climate crisis. Frank Dumeier also outlined the process of project development at W.E.B and gave insight into the current W.E.B project pipeline. 

What followed was an overview of all the exciting wind and photovoltaic power plant projects that are currently under construction. Two of these projects attracted particular attention: in Grafenschlag the first wind power project in almost 20 years is realized in the Austrian Waldviertel region. Arnold Kainz (Head of Project Development) offered lots of intriguing details. Nevertheless, the star of the evening was the project called Ariano, as the best word to describe it is “big”: it is the largest wind farm in the history of Italy, the largest wind project in W.E.B corporate history, and features the largest wind power plants ever built by W.E.B. How this project came into being and what the next steps are going to be was presented by W.E.B Italy CFO Reinhard Kainz. 

The concluding round of questions has never been more exciting. Frank Dumeier, Arnold Kainz and Reinhard Kainz were more than happy to answer the countless questions of the participants. After about 2.5 hours, the host Beate Zöchmeister called it a day for the three experts, announced the next date in the W.E.B talk series “Fresh Energy” and thanked the participants for their keen interest.       

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