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18.10.2021 00:00

Lukas Brandweiner visits Grafenschlag

The ÖVP MP wanted to know more about the wind project of W.E.B in the Waldviertel region

Lukas Brandweiner, the Austrian member of parliament from the Waldviertel region, visits Grafenschlag. Story behind the visit: The Austrian National Council recently adopted the Renewable Energy Expansion Act (Erneuerbaren-Ausbau-Gesetz) (“EAG”) – Lukas Brandweiner voted in favor as well. The new law will secure a sustainable future in Austria. In the Waldviertel region, the wind farm Grafenschlag II is about to contribute its share to this process. Reason enough for Lukas Brandweiner to take a closer look at the project still in the construction phase. The Austrian member of parliament was particularly impressed by the rapid implementation of the project. What followed was an excited, positive debate on wind power in the Waldviertel region as well as general approaches to solving the climate crisis. 

“WEB Windenergie AG is a model enterprise that operates all around the world without forgetting its Waldviertel roots. As a regional member of parliament, I am even more happy to see that such innovative projects, like the one here in Grafenschlag, are realized and contribute to climate protection,” Lukas Brandweiner, the Austrian member of parliament from the Waldviertel region, explains during his visit. 

Michael Trcka particularly liked the positive atmosphere of the MP’s visit, “The climate crisis has already changed the Waldviertel region for everyone to see. Ensuring a livable future for our next generations is an enormous collaborative project. As a wind power pioneer from the Waldviertel region, we are glad to have Lukas Brandweiner, a Waldviertel-based member of the Austrian National Council, willing to play a vital role in this future.” 

On the project: WEB Windenergie AG is realizing a wind power project with a total capacity of 12.3 MW in Grafenschlag. This project will make a considerable contribution to climate protection in the Waldviertel region, as the new turbines will generate an annual 26,000 MWh of green power, providing clean energy to 16,500 people. The power plants are currently set up and the entire wind farm will be put into operation early next year. 

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