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W.E.B-half year result   

Despite challenging weather conditions, W.E.B achieved a positive half year result. Revenues have risen compared to the 2013 half year result.


The production results of W.E.B-power plants were below target in the first six months of the year 2014. Even the outstanding wind conditions in May couldn`t catch up with the backlog of the previous months. Large scale grid expansions in Austria, Germany and France also challenged the W.E.B targeted power production.

The newly commissioned W.E.B power plants in Austria and Canada, which were put into operation at the beginning of the year, as well as the overall positive availability of W.E.B-power plants, meant that revenues rose to 28.3 million EUR. This provided  an increase of 3.5 million EUR compared to 2013. Additionally, the profit before taxes slightly improved, from 4.2 million EUR to 4.6 million EUR.

You can download the detailed half year results in German here.

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