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Energy Transition

Regional. Sustainable. Profitable.

WEB Windenergie AG strives to implement a decentralized energy transition. It is our vision to use the infinite resources of nature to have energy produced where it is also consumed. In order to achieve this goal, we need to change the focus of electricity transports: while 70 percent of all electricity should be produced regionally in the future, only 30 percent should come from transregional sources.
This decentralized energy transition will revolutionize today’s energy market which is still defined by the production and subsequent transport of large amounts of electricity at and from central production sites. In the future, however, the power of sun, wind and water will be used – by means of small power plants, e.g. photovoltaic facilities, of consumers as well as regional power plant projects – to produce electricity right where its consumers are.
Currently we are confronted with the challenge of how to optimally store the electricity we produce. Although certain natural resources, such as sun or wind, are infinite sources of energy, the converted electricity is not available at all times. The storing of electricity might not be profitable yet but storage technologies will certainly become more effective in the next few decades.


In the meantime, we can use environmentally friendly balancing energy from water and gas power plants to secure our energy supply.
While decentralization reduces the intense load on the power grid, it also requires the grid’s optimization for the regional distribution of electricity. As power grids need to be constantly maintained and renewed – just like streets do – to ensure their sustainable performance, the expansion of the power grid for renewable energies would not even be that significant.

The benefits of regional energy supply are obvious:

  • short, efficient transports minimize the loss of energy
  • the load on the power grid is reduced
  • the local production of electricity adds economic value
  • renewable energy protects our environment 
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