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More than 25 years wind energy 

In the early 1990s, a vacation in northern Germany served as an inspiration to Andreas Dangl to found WEB Windenergie AG. It was the first time that the company founder came into contact with wind energy.

Right from the start, wind energy cast a spell on the visionary. Andreas Dangl recognized the potential of converting the indefinite and free energy of wind into electricity.    

  • 1994
    • founding of "WEB GmbH"
      the predecessor company to WEB Windenergie AG
      Company's founders
      Erna, Franz und Andreas Dangl.   
  • 1995
    • Construction of the first wind turbine with the participation of 96 citizen in  Michelbach.  
    • W.E.B-Production: 192 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 225 kW   
  • 1996
    • W.E.B-Production: 547 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 1,425 kW        
  • 1997
    • founding of the subsidiary „W.E.B Windenergie“ in Germany  
    • W.E.B-Production: 2,603 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 3,825 kW    
  • 1998
    • Construction of the first W.E.B-wind turbine in Germany (Kühndorf)
    • W.E.B-Production: 7,364 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 5,025 kW          
  • 1999
    • founding of WEB Windenergie AG
      The Wind-energy-share was born.
    • contribution of WaldwindGmbH &CoKEG into
      WEB Windenergie AG.
    • W.E.B-Production: 10,878 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 5,766 kW    
  • 2000
    • founding of WEB Windenergie Betriebsgesellschaft Deutschland GmbH
    • W.E.B-Production: 15,471 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 6,276 kW   
  • 2001
    • contribution of "Nordwind Windkraftanlage Errichtungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H & Co KEG", „Windlicht Erneuerbare Energieerzeugungs GmbH“, "Michelbacher Windkraft GmbH & Co KEG" and „Windkraftanlagen Errichtungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.h & atypisch stille Gesellschaft Hagenbrunn“ into W.E.B
    • W.E.B-Production: 33,251 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 24,079 kW 
  • 2002
    • founding of the subsidiary "WEB Vetrná Energie" in the Czech Republic
    • W.E.B-Production: 44,562 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 32,659 kW 
  • 2003
    • introduction of W.E.B-Traderoom
    • Award: most innovative green company, of the Austrian Environment Ministry
    • W.E.B-Production: 67,373 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 93,441 kW 
  • 2004
    • Start projection activities in France
    • W.E.B-Production: 173,587 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 105,268 kW 
  • 2005
    • Construction of the first wind power plant
      in the Czech Republic
    • Production of the first kWh of electricity from a W.E.B-hydropower plant  
    • W.E.B-Production: 210,403 MWh 
    • Installed Capacity: 157,817 kW  


In 1995, the direct participation of about 100 individuals enabled Andreas Dangl to build the first wind power plant of today’s W.E.B. 

Today W.E.B looks back at more than 25 years of history. During the years the power plants of W.E.B were constantly expanded and optimised.                      


  • 2006
    • founding of the subsidiary „WEB Energie du Vent SAS“ in France and construction of the first wind power plant in France 
    • merger of "Pannonia Ökostrom GmbH" and Gols Windkraft GmbH with WEB Windenergie AG. 
    • W.E.B-Production: 326,998 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 196,922 kW  
  • 2007
    • Production of the first kWh of electricity from a W.E.B-photovoltaic-plant
    • Opening of the W.E.B-Headquaters in Pfaffenschlag 
    • W.E.B-Production: 436,561 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 196,305 kW  
  • 2008
    • contribution of  „Steppenwind Windkraftanlagen Errichtungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.“ & Co. KEG, „Windstrom Gerasdorf Windkraft-
      anlagen Errichtungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KEG“ and the german subidiary of Windkraft Simonsfeld into WEB Windenergie AG
    • founding of WEB Italia Energie Rinnovabili and  Start projection activities in Italy
    • W.E.B-Production: 428,241 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 201,689 kW 
  • 2009
    • W.E.B-Production: 420,460 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 218,960 kW
  • 2010
    • Issuance of the first W.E.B-bond
    • W.E.B-Production: 444,367 MWh
    • Installed Capacity 220,680 kW  
  • 2011
    • founding of the subsidiary „WEB Wind Energy North America Inc.“
    • W.E.B-Production: 474,387 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 238,904 kW   
  • 2012
  • 2013
    • Construction of the first wind turbines in Canada
    • Market Launch of W.E.B-Grünstrom
    • W.E.B-Production: 558,834 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 286,608 kW
  • 2014
    • W.E.B crosses the 300 MW line in total production capacity
    • Subsidiary ELLA sets up the first fast charger for electric vehicles
    • W.E.B Shop opens
    • W.E.B-Production: 616,654 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 308,200 kW
  • 2015
    • 200th W.E.B power plant opened
    • Largest Canadian W.E.B wind farm in Nova Scotia connected to the power grid
    • Ground-breaking ceremony for a large-component storage depot and the expansion of the Pfaffenschlag office building
    • Joint venture agreement with FERA (Fabbrica Energie Rinnovabili Alternative Srl) in Italy. Starting signal for entering the Italian wind energy market
    • W.E.B receives Austrian Climate Protection Award 2015 in the category “energy transition company”
    • W.E.B becomes Climate Alliance Enterprise
    • W.E.B-Production: 718,210 MWh
    • Installed Capacity: 338,000 kW
  • 2016
    • Opening of a new major components hall at the Pfaffenschlag site
    • The Austrian Federal Forestry Office handed over responsibility to W.E.B to operate the Pretul Wind Park
    • W.E.B was honored as the Green Brand 2016/17
    • Within the context of the repowering in Glaubitz, Germany, the largest wind turbines in the history of W.E.B. were put into operation
    • In France Les, Gourlus W.E.B‘s largest wind park up until that point in time with a total capacity of 38.4 MW was connected to the grid
    • The coming on stream of the Pisgah Mountain Wind Park marked the company’s market entry in the USA. As a result, W.E.B’s market presence was expanded to seven countries.
    • The third expansion phase in Canada was concluded. On balance, 20 wind turbines in the Canadian Maritime province of Nova Scotia with a total capacity of 40 MW were in operation. 
    • W.E.B surpassed the 400 MW threshold with respect to installed generation capacity.  This means future annual electricity production of more than one terawatt hour [TWh].
    • Production results of W.E.B: 724,446 MWh
    • Installed capacity: 412,000 kW
  • 2017

    • The SME Energy Transition Partnership was initiated. Accordingly, W.E.B develops individual green energy concepts in collaboration with companies. Within this context, photovoltaic facilities were installed at a wine tavern and organic farm.
    • The 15th anniversary of the W.E.B subsidiary WEB Vetrná Energie in the Czech Republic.
    • W.E.B was granted a contract in the new German wind power tender. Its Wörbzig repowering project beat out tough competition.
    • W.E.B was given the Best Business Award 2017 thanks to its convincingly sustainable business management.
    • W.E.B ranked among the winners of the ARC Award 2017, receiving its first international prize for its annual report.
    • W.E.B celebrates its 100th Green Energy customer.
    • WWF and GLOBAL 2000 consider W.E.B to be a “driver of the electricity future“ and put the company at the top of its Austrian Green Energy Ranking.
    • Production results of W.E.B: 1.011 TWh
    • Installed capacity: 415,000 kW 
  • 2018
    • W.E.B is presented with the Austrian Ecolabel, thereby awarding the quality label for 100 percent sustainable energy from wind, sun and water to W.E.B Grünstrom (W.E.B Green Energy).
    • Start of the expansion of W.E.B’s corporate headquarters with 40 new office workspaces.
    • Great success of W.E.B Green Power bonds 2018. The bond issue generates more than EUR 15 million. The hybrid bond is especially popular and attracts EUR 10 million from investors.   
    • W.E.B takes its business to another Canadian province by building the wind farm Wisokolamson/Albert in New Brunswick.
    • In Tuscany’s Piombino, W.E.B starts buildings its very first Italian wind energy project.
    • In their annual electricity supplier check, WWF and GLOBAL 2000 see W.E.B as a “driver of the electricity future” once again and award them the pole position in their ranking.   
    • Generated electricity by W.E.B: 974,908 MWh
    • Installed capacity: 462 MW
WEB Windenergie AG   
Davidstraße 1, A-3834 Pfaffenschlag, Phone: +43 2848 6336, Telefax: +43 2848 6336-14,, 
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