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WEB Windenergie AG
Davidstraße 1 (Gewerbegebiet), A-3834 Pfaffenschlag

Phone: +43 2848 6336

Telefax: +43 2848 6336-14,  

Company registration number:
184649 v

Company register court:
LG Krems an der Donau


Legal form: 
stock corporation

Company object:
operation of wind power plants

Company address:
political district of Pfaffenschlag close to Waidhofen/Thaya

Chamber of commerce membership: 
Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce

Applicable legal statutes and access thereto:
Austrian law, in particular 1994 Commercial Code

Supervisory authority/Commercial authority:
Waidhofen/Thaya District Authority




Professional description:
electrical engineering pursuant to § 94 Clause 16 of the 1994 Commercial Code, mechatronics for electrical engineering and automation, combined with mechatronics for mechanical and production engineering, mechatronics for electronics, offices and EDP systems technology, and mechatronics for medical equipment technology 

Management Board:
Dr. Michael Trcka, Dr. Frank Dumeier  

Power of Attorney:
Mag. Stefanie Markut, DI (FH) Roman Prager, Claudia Redl    

Supervisory Board:
Mag Josef Schweighofer, Chairman; Dr. Reinhard Schanda, Deputy Chairman; Ing. Stefan Bauer, Member; 
Martin Zimmermann, Member; Andreas Dangl, seconded Member;  

Member Ownership structure:    
free float – should a stockholder own several shares, his/her/its voting rights shall be limited to the extent that they may only be exercised for a nominal share amount up to 10% of share capital (§6 of the company articles)

Copyrights of photos used on this website: 
WEB Windenergie AG
Doris Bretterbauer,
Helmut Wallner,
Erik Krügl,

Design & Implementation
WEB Windenergie AG, Sascha R. Brauner

WEB Windenergie AG, Beate Zöchmeister, Martina Wilfurth,
Christoph Spitaler, Sascha R. Brauner    

WEB Windenergie AG   
Davidstraße 1, A-3834 Pfaffenschlag, Phone: +43 2848 6336, Telefax: +43 2848 6336-14,, 
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