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Your share in renewable energy             

WEB Windenergie AG is the leading citizen participation company in the field of renewable energy in Austria. Even the company’s very first wind power plant was financed based on citizen participation. Today W.E.B has a broad base of more than 4,000 shareholders.

W.E.B shares            

The shares of W.E.B are registered and not listed on the stock exchange. All trading takes place via online platform, the Traderoom. In recent years, the W.E.B share has been characterized by its constant performance. Dividends have been distributed since the fiscal year 2010.  

W.E.B shares: key data and further detail

W.E.B bonds 

W.E.B issues bonds to cover specific financing needs for power plant projects, the most recent one on 2016. The bonds with different durations, payment terms and interest rates are traded on the third market of the Vienna Stock Exchange in the segment “corporates prime”.
If you are interested in W.E.B bonds, please send your contact data to or use our contact form. We will inform you as soon as we issue the next round of bonds.  

W.E.B bonds: key data and further details  


Features of investing in W.E.B   

  • You invest in tangible assets (power plants). 
  • W.E.B is a pioneer with years of experience and know-how in the field of renewable energy. 
  • The broad base and international distribution ensure independence and reduce risks. 
  • Guaranteed feed-in tariffs make it possible to calculate earnings. 
  • W.E.B boasts a broad equity base as well as continuously positive results.
  • W.E.B applies a clear dividend strategy. 
  • W.E.B investors benefit from the reduced tariffs of W.E.B Green Energy (for shareholders or investors).
  • Transparency is a top priority: W.E.B reports all the details on its financial figures as well as corporate developments.    
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Do you have any further questions on investing in W.E.B?
Please feel free to contact us.
We are always happy to provide you with further information.

DI Beate Zöchmeister, MAS
Head of Communications & Investor Relations 
+43 2848  6336 - 20      




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