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The continuing effects of climate change demonstrate the important and urgent need to transform the energy sector towards renewable sources. At the same time, electricity is omnipresent and taken for granted. In the eyes of WEB Windenergie AG, these conflicting interests require an open, active and diverse approach to communication. The latest W.E.B news as well as information on the energy transition are found on the company’s website as well as the W.E.B magazine “energievoll” (energetic). Even more up to date are the social media channels of W.E.B on Facebook and Instagram with everything there is to know on the company and the energy transition.

Personal contact is still the most important communication channel of W.E.B. The Board of Directors is on the road quite a lot and hosts numerous events for investors and stakeholders to exchange ideas and opinions. The open and transparent communication approach of WEB Windenergie AG also becomes clear when taking a closer look at the great number of groups visiting its headquarters in Austria’s Waldviertel region every year.

W.E.B is fully aware of its public image and deliberately engages the general public in order to spread the word about the importance of sustainable energy systems to our environment as well as our future.

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