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W.E.B Electric Vehicle Charging Stations   

W.E.B runs on electric power!

This is why we are operating electric vehicle charging stations that are also accessible to the public at our W.E.B headquarters in Pfaffenschlag. You are welcome to recharge your electric vehicle during business hours at W.E.B.   

The power for our electric vehicle charging stations is produced by our on-site photovoltaic facility during the day.  


The following charging stations are available on
our premises: 

  • 1 Fast charge point, 50 kW loading capacity,
     Chademo or CCS   
  • 4 Charging points, 22 kW loading capacity, Typ 2
  • 11 Charging points, 11 kW loading capacity, Typ 2
  •  8 Charging points, 3,7 kW loading capacity, Typ 2
  •  9 Charging points, 3,7 kW loading capacity, Typ1
  •  several Schuko connections
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