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W.E.B Profile – Unconventional yet Responsible Thinker   

Values, Goals and Strategies

WEB Windenergie AG is constantly growing. W.E.B is guided by the following core values to ascribe significance to its growth:

  • Reliability and sustainability
  • Open communication
  • Consideration for people and the environment
  • Responsible use of capital
  • Citizen participation for joint success  


The sustainable energy company sets the following strategic priorities to realize its ambitious corporate vision: 

  • Increase in performance through continuous expansion and the improvement of power plant capacity
  • Expansion of the existing core markets Austria, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Italy and Canada
  • Ongoing optimization in technology and operations
  • Development of new business fields
  • Research and development 

Come to a W.E.B event and catch up on our latest developments.       


WEB Windenergie AG   
Davidstraße 1, A-3834 Pfaffenschlag, Phone: +43 2848 6336, Telefax: +43 2848 6336-14,, 
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