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Project development  

W.E.B coordinates all the individual steps of project development in our countries of operation as illustrated in the so-called W.E.B Gate System.

In-house experts meticulously examine the technical feasibility, primarily the assessment of future wind and sun conditions, as well as the economic feasibility of any project. The marketing of generated electricity is ensured before the start of construction. W.E.B carries out numerous project steps in cooperation with regional partners, such as the analysis of a project’s potential environmental impact or the construction of roads, foundations, cabling and substations. The majority of plant premises are subject to long-term lease agreements; just a small number of projects are on W.E.B property. 

An essential aspect of W.E.B projects is the involvement of the regional population going far beyond any legal requirements.  

Project Development - WEB Windenergie AG

All wind power plants are built either by the manufacturing companies or W.E.B itself. Most W.E.B plants are made by global market leader Vestas, and further ones by Enercon and Siemens Gamesa. The turbines are designed to remain in operation for at least 20 years but often last up to 25 years and more due to high-level maintenance and service work. As there are many different manufacturers of photovoltaic systems, W.E.B is able to act with great flexibility in selecting state-of-the-art technology of corresponding quality.

Despite the increasing operating life of the turbines, W.E.B still needs to modernize existing wind farms in due time. In the course of this so-called repowering process, old turbines are replaced by more powerful, efficient and technically advanced plants. Repowered projects require the same space to generate more electricity with fewer turbines. The older units are usually sold on secondary markets and later put into operation in other countries.

W.E.B not only develops own power plant projects but also acquires projects at different stages of development or even power plants that are already in operation. The projects are primarily funded based on a combination of bank loans, equity and corporate bonds.    

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