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Only satisfied employees are good employees

WEB Windenergie AG places great emphasis on sustainable personnel development because the success of any company is fundamentally shaped by satisfied employees.  


W.E.B likes to take ample time and energy to select new employees. The very first step of the recruiting process is the personnel requirement plan. After the executive managers of each department have submitted their personnel requirements, the Board determines in coordination with the Personnel Department which vacant positions will be advertised.   

The actual recruiting process pays special attention that all potential employees get to know the full picture of both the relevant position and the company, so they are able compare this picture with their expectations beforehand. 







 The W.E.B-recruiting process includes the following stages:

  • Informational interview with the
    Personnel Department and the future line manager to get a first idea of each other.
  • Assessment Center: After a first selection round, a maximum of four applicants is invited. The Assessment Center is comprised of the following elements:
  • Presentation of oneself and a task in front of the Board
  • Competence profile interview with an external expert
  • Open round with potential, future colleagues
  • Task from the future field of work

W.E.B-employees can look forward to sustainable, stable and secure employment.


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