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Fields of Activity

We understand the energy transition as completely switching from fossil to renewable energy sources. Our claim of assuming a leading position in this process is based on three pillars: project development, plant operation and electricity marketing. These pillars are built on a foundation of extensive citizen participation. Moreover, we value open and transparent communication with our stakeholders. 

Project development

Efficient project development enables us to ensure that our projects remain profitable in the long run even in highly competitive markets.

  • Our focus is on wind energy – the core competence of W.E.B for many years – as well as photovoltaics as our second growth segment.
  • We enter new markets if we have the critical project volume for market entry and identified a certain growth potential.
  • Repowering guarantees the sustainable use of already existing sites.
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Plant operation

Our operations strategy enables us to set new benchmarks with regard to costs and plant availability.
  • The long and resource-efficient use of sites is a central element of our operations strategy.
  • Advanced remote monitoring and data mining facilitate early fault detection and the continuous further development of improvement potential. 
  • Our high level of plant availability is based on our fast and comprehensive service and maintenance work for key plant types. 

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Electricity marketing    

Following the path of electricity from the power plant to the consumer, we realize new sales models for marketing the decentralized energy transition. 

  • The direct marketing of our green electricity and related services addresses our stakeholders among both private and business customers.
  • We consider long-term partnerships with large-scale consumers as well as bringing together electricity marketing and project development as fundamental strategies in the energy markets of the future.   
  • We examine the potential of new business models and focus on further developing and implementing them in the market.
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Citizen participation

The involvement of the public enables many people to directly participate in the energy transition. W.E.B strives to realize this form of public participation in all core markets.
  • The shares of W.E.B are not listed on the stock exchange and held in free float. They are the very foundation of W.E.B citizen participation. 
  • Bonds are another green investment option to expand our investor base aside from capital increases.
  • Opportunities for local investors also strengthen our relationship to the public in our international markets.
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We live open communication. We maintain continuous contact to our stakeholders and provide them with all relevant information on W.E.B.
  • Raising awareness for the need for renewable energy based on active communication.
  • Various communication channels make sure that we reach all stakeholders.
  • We value face-to-face conversation and host a multitude of W.E.B events as well as guided tours at our W.E.B headquarters. 
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