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The price for electricity from wind and solar power has been determined by feed-in tariffs fixed by the state in numerous W.E.B countries for a long time. The terms of these tariffs range from 13 to 25 years depending on the country. Nevertheless, the fixed tariffs for new power plants are increasingly replaced by more flexible models defined by the regulatory conditions of the respective country or region. Possible variants include, for example, fixed tariffs determined by tender, variable base tariffs with fixed premiums, or an electricity mix with a compulsory share of renewable energy at free yet long-term tariffs.

The generated electricity was exclusively sold indirectly due to subsidy framework conditions until a few years ago. The direct marketing model for both private and business customers, which W.E.B launched in Austria in 2013, is getting increasingly important. Particularly in the business segment, W.E.B expanded its focus from supplying electricity to comprehensive energy solutions. Designed to contribute to the energy transition, they range from in-house electricity production to power storage and the combination of electricity, heating and mobility.  
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